Mrs. Carbó Biography


Mrs. Carbó was born in Puerto Rico and lived there until she moved to Pennsylvania in August 2012.  She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  Most of her working experience was at the Interamerican University of PR, where she managed the Human Resources Office and thought a class.  She loves to be surrounded by students of any age.  She has been married for 23 years to Jorge Sosa, and has a daughter who attended Lansdale Catholic High School and is currently at college.

Spanish homework for week ending 1/19/2018

4th – Quiz about the days of the week and the phrases that name yesterday, today and tomorrow.

5th – Text about possessives adjectives, occupations and family members.

8th – Project about countries due Wednesday, January 17,2018.

Homework- for week ending 12/22/17

4th – finish page 25

6th – Test – Origin and Nationality

7th – Test – Ar verbs and  Places to go vocabulary (spelling).

Homework for week ending 12/7/17

4th grade- finish page 23

5th grade – study for test about gender and plural (page 14); and the definite article The (el, la, los, las) page 17

8th grade – finish worksheet about numbers (puzzle)

Homework for week ending 11/17/17

4th – First part of page 18, Counting in the Classroom.

8th – Test about Gender and Plurals (worksheets page 14 and 42) ; and the meaning of the words on page 42 of worksheet.


Homework for week ending 11/10/17

5th – page 19 of workbook

6th – clock project due on 11/07/17

8th – Gender and plural worksheet

Home work for week ending 11/03/2017

4th grade – Complete Show and Tell worksheet about classroom objects (pag 1 ).

5th grade – Complete More Than One on page 15 of workbook (Spanish nouns plurals).

8th – grade – Finish page 26 – My Journal.

Homework for week ending on 10/20/2017

5th grade – Study for test on October 18 about expressions on page 12 of work book.

8th grade – Study for quiz about colors, numbers and clothing vocabulary from Chapter 2- Packing.

Home Work -Tarea

Home work for  week ending October 13, 2017

4th grade- complete crossword puzzle by filling in Spanish words of greetings (page 11 of book)

5th grade – study  Spanish expressions on page 12

6th grade – greetings project due date is  10-10-2017

7th grade – students will be tested on Tuesday, October 10,2017 about: What you like and don’t like to do, page 4 of book

8th grade – Three students have not handed out project about Cognates and Spanish Countries. Due date was 10/3/2017

Tarea / Homework – Week 09/12/17

5th grade – Page 5 of workbook.

6 st- grade – Write number words from 0 to 50.

7th grade – Adjective translation on page 7.

8th grade – Finish page 7 of book.

Tarea / Homework – Week 9/5/17

4th grade – Complete page 6 of the workbook.

5th grade – No homework

6th grade –  No homework

7th grade – Make a list of Action Verbs on page 4 of the book. Write the Spanish word and English translation.

8th grade – Complete part 1 on page 6 of the book.