Free Access to ABC Mouse/Adventure Academy

To help families across the U.S. whose schools are closed in these difficult times, Age of
Learning is working with our school and district to provide free home access to ABCmouse Early
Learning Academy, Adventure Academy, and ReadingIQ during the period of the closure. These
leading digital education programs include valuable educational content for Pre-K, elementary,
and middle school students.
Interruptions in learning due to school closures can be a challenge for children’s academic
growth and development, and their need for stability and consistency. When in-school learning
isn’t possible, using research-based learning resources at home can help children stay engaged,
provide them valuable learning experiences, and maintain some continuity in their lives.
By visiting the links below and entering your code, you will have free home access to these
digital programs on computers, tablets, and smartphones during the period of closure.
ABCmouse and Adventure Academy are used while connected to the internet. ReadingIQ can
be used in offline mode once your account is created and books are downloaded on to a device.
These programs can also be accessed using your free account at public libraries and other
public locations with Internet-connectivity.
Redeem Code: SCHOOL6739
(This code will work for all 3 products.)
For Children in Preschool Through 2nd Grade
ABCmouse, Early Learning Academy: Please visit and redeem
your access code.
For Children In Preschool through 6th Grade
ReadingIQ: Please visit and redeem your access code.
For Children in 3rd Through 8th Grade
Adventure Academy: Please visit and redeem your
access code.
Should you need assistance redeeming this code or have questions about any of the products, please
direct them to the Age of Learning Customer Support team at and they will be happy
to help.
You can find more information on these programs by