Holy Week 2020

Holy Week

Remember & participate in the Passion of Christ with your family at home

  • Monday

  • Pray the rosary together as a family; on your own or join 8:00 pm Archdiocesan Rosary Daily Campaign
  • Tuesday

  • Decorate a cross & hang in a window. Or create a stained-glass on your window with a cross.
  • Wednesday

  • "The Way of the Cross for Young People"
  • Prayer service with Teachers & Staff
  • 3:00pm Live Streaming
  • Holy Thursday

  • Just as Jesus gave us the gift of the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper as a sign of His love, during dinner take turns sharing what you love about each other.
  • Friday

  • Write a note to Jesus thanking him for your blessings.

Be sure to join in prayer and watch online with your families as the Liturgies of Holy Week are celebrated at St. Isidore Church, especially on Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday