Fifth Grade

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Math page 321 only #3 – 10. Math quiz on Tuesday on decimal division.

Spelling Unit 14 test tomorrow.

Grammar open book test Monday on lessons 17 and 18.

Wear gym uniform and sneakers tomorrow for Exercise for Education.



Math pages 333 and 334 evens only. Page 331 if you didn’t finish in class.

Spelling unit 14 test.

Gym tomorrow



Math worksheet

Religion chapter 10 test tomorrow. There is a quizlet

Please return test folders signed.

Spelling unit 14 test on Friday.

Friday is Exercise for Ed. Wear gym uniform.



Mid Atlantic States test Tuesday. Must be able to write 3 things/ products of the economy

Religion Chapter 10 test on Wed.

Enjoy the Easter break!


Math worksheet.

Religion test on 4/24

Dress down day Wednesday in sports gear. Cost is $1


Math worksheet, do not need to draw

Religion test tomorrow on chapter 9. It is open book

Vocabulary test on Friday on unit 13




Math worksheet and quiz tomorrow. Review sheet coming home. It does not need to be turned in.

Spelling test Friday

please bring magazines in for a project. Thank you


Math worksheet. Quiz on decimal multiplication on Thursday

Spelling test Friday on unit 13

Grammar open book test on lessons 15 and 16 Wednesday

We need magazines of any kind for a science project. Thank you!

Spanish 5th grade Homework 03/20

Complete worksheets package about “Mi Casa”

Due date 03/27/19


Math pages 281-282 if not finished in class

Legoland papers coming home today

Social Studies test on the New-England States, Capitals and economy

There is computer homework due tomorrow listed on Google Classroom

Report card and test folder need to be returned ASAP