Fifth Grade

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Math worksheet

Vocabulary test on Friday on unit 12

Permission slip for QNB coming home today. Please sign and return

Library- please complete saint research by Wednesday



Math worksheet and quiz on decimal by decimal multiplication

Vocabulary unit 12 test on Friday. Study at

Library- a saint for each theme due tomorrow



Math test Monday on lessons 4.1 to 4.5. The review packet was done in class and is coming home today.

Religion chapter 9 test on Wednesday. There is a link to the Quizlet in Google Classroom


Math review packet, complete even numbers only. Math test Monday on lessons 4.1 to 4.5

Vocabulary unit 11 test tomorrow.

Stations of the Cross tomorrow at 2:30 if you’d like to join us.


Math page 256, math test on Monday on lessons 4.1 to 4.5.

Ash Wednesday mass tomorrow. No dress down passes

Grammar open book test on Thursday on lessons 10 and 11.

Spanish pages up to and including page 47




Vocabulary page 105.  Unit 10 test on Friday.

Dress down day on Friday for $1.

If you would like to bring in Valentine’s Day cards on Friday we will be exchanging and having an ice cream party in the afternoon.


Vocabulary unit 10 test on 2/14. Practice on

Spanish pages up to 38

Library book due tomorrow


Math test Tuesday on Chapter 3 lessons 3.7 to 3.12

Vocabulary test on unit 10 Friday


Math- Page 224, maintenance is due tomorrow. Math chapter 3 lessons 3.7 to 3.12  test on Tuesday.

Spelling unit 10 test tomorrow

No dress down passes tomorrow


Math worksheet and maintenance due Friday.

Spelling Unit 10 test Friday

Religion chapter 8 test on Thursday. There is a Quizlet in Google Classroom