Fifth Grade

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Math Worksheet and maintenance due Friday.

Science workbook page 38. Science lesson 3 test on Thursday. There is a quizlet called Science Fusion Lesson 3

Vocabulary test on unit 5 Friday




Social Studies test tomorrow on lessons 6,7 and 8. There is a quizlet to study.  Must be able to list 3 renewable and nonrenewable resources


Math Pages 117 and 118, skip 11

Social Studies test on lessons 6,7 and 8. There is a quizlet

School is open on Monday 11-26 to make up for our snow day.


Field Trip permission forms came home today. Please sign and return by Wednesday.

Spelling test on unit 5 words on Friday

Feast is tomorrow, no lunch is needed.

Dress Down Day in comfy clothes if Friday


Math pages 91 and 92. Math maintenance due Friday, skip the 2 problems that were cut off.

Spelling unit 4 test on Friday.

Halloween party is Wednesday Thank you for your donations!

Please bring a costume to school for our parade No weapons, face paint or hair color.



Math worksheet

Vocabulary test on unit 3 tomorrow

Gospel Alive at 8:25.



Math pages 83 and 84. The test has been moved to Wednesday so we have more time to prepare.

Religion test on Chapter 2. The test has been moved to Thursday.

Vocab test on unit 3 Friday

Spanish 5th Grade HW 10/17/18

Complete Page 15 of your workbook

Due date : 10/24


Math worksheet

Spelling unit 3 test on Friday

Science lessons 1 and 2 test on Thursday


Grammar open book test on Monday. lessons 1 and 2

Progress reports came home today please sign and return test folders on Monday