Eighth Grade

Mrs. Finnegan has a B.A. in English with a business minor from The University of Scranton.  She earned secondary English and communications certification from DeSales University and has a Level II state teaching certificate and Archdiocesan Religion certification.  She also is certified as a K-12 reading specialist and ESL specialist and serves on the Archdiocesan ELA Committee.

Mrs. Finnegan and her family reside in Quakertown and are members of St. Isidore Church where she is a lector.  Her two daughters are graduates of St. Isidore School.  For fun, she likes to watch the Phillies, read a good book, bake, travel, or relax at the beach.

Grade 8 Supply List 2017-2018

**New for Math–students need a graphing calculator: Texas Instruments TI-84Plus

Loose leaf—buy many packs.  This is the one item most students run out of before the end of the year.

note cards—hundreds of them!  You will need 300 for vocabulary alone. Purchase at least 1000. Seriously!

pens—buy at least 24 (one for every two weeks)  Blue or black ink only. Erasable pens are allowed.

red pens/pencils for correcting and editing

pencils for math and extra erasers

colored pencils

12 inch ruler


notebooks—math and science require marble copybooks. Math also requires a graphing copybook. ELA, social studies, religion, and Spanish can be marble or spiral.

pocket folders—at least 8; add one if you will be using a “take home” folder. Try to purchase plastic or coated folders. Plain paper folders will not last.

binder—if desired to keep folders neat and organized

Optional—magic markers

SPANISH—English/Spanish dictionary

ART—crayons, watercolors, smock

TECHNOLOGY—headphones if you don’t have a set at school

Cleaning supplies—2 boxes of tissues, one roll of paper towels, a canister of Lysol or similar cleaning wipes

*All hardcover books must be covered. Purchase Jumbo Book Sox as the regular size is too small for our texts. Paper is an option as well.

*It is highly recommended that softcover texts and the homework book be covered in clear contact paper. Check Becker’s or Amazon online for good deals on this, especially if you have several children’s books to cover.

*White-out is not allowed.



Science 8 – Quiz Monday on Unit 2 (lessons 3 and 4)


Science 8 – Quiz Monday on Unit 2 (Lessons 3 and 4)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

religion–finish study guide; test on unit 1 lessons 6-9 on Friday

ELA–vocab test Friday; write a paragraph or list with at least 4 ideas for “What Freedom Means to Me” essay; read historical novel; poem memorized by 11/27

social studies–test Monday on chpt. 15, sections 3-5

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

religion–read and complete p. 59-60; begin study guide; test Friday; service hours due 11/27

ELA–read historical novel; vocab test Friday; poem due 11/29

social studies–finish reading and notetaking chapter 15, section 4; test Monday

Monday, November 12, 2018

religion–test Friday

ELA–vocabulary p. 65-67: Choosing the Right Word, Synonyms, and Antonyms; vocabulary test Friday; read historical novel

social studies–notes for chpt. 15, sect. 3 due; test Monday on sections 3-5; start researching for paper

Friday, November 9, 2018

ELA–write down at least 2 or 3 ideas for research report; read novel

social studies–finish notes on chapter 15, section 3; test on sections 3-5 will be Friday or Mon., 11/19


Sci 8 – pages 132 and 133

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

ELA–spelling test Friday; Tell-Tale Heart and Raven test tomorrow

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

ELA–vocab note cards for unit 5 due; test on “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The “Raven” on Thurs.; finish propaganda work

social studies–test on chpt. 15, sect. 1 and 2


Science 8 – Quiz tomorrow on Unit 2 (lessons 1 and 2)