Starting in Preschool (age 3), students enjoy weekly classes with experienced educators for each of these “Specials”:

During this visual arts class, students will learn the essentials of art and design, and how to use art tools and materials safely; develop fine motor skills and gain knowledge of the elements of design. They advance to use these skills in creating artwork, identifying various art forms, and appreciating a variety of artists.

St. Isidore is a technology integrated school and continues to enhance classroom technology. In the  computer lab, students are instructed according to their grade and skill level. Starting with introductory (e.g., using a mouse, log onto a computer with a one word password), developing (e.g., type using two hands, save a file), applied (e.g., create basic presentation) to advanced (e.g., building a website).

With the constant changes in the 21st century library environment, students start with basics of visiting the school’s library: understanding how to handle print materials, borrowing books, demonstrate reading skills, and how to locate books. Then in collaboration with classroom teachers, students learn how to acquire, evaluate, interpret and apply information using print materials and electronic devices.

As part of the St. Isidore curriculum, all students are involved in performing and producing two concerts each year: one before Christmas and one in the Spring. Music class starts with developing basic skills in singing, playing instruments, moving and listening to music then focuses on enhancing skills to create music, develop chorus skills, and explore variety of musical styles.

Physical Education
We believe children that participate in regular physical activity can focus better and be more productive during their other subject areas. Physical Education class includes developmentally appropriate activities in motor skill development, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving skills utilizing the school’s indoor and outdoor facilities.

Foreign Language
Students develop positive attitudes and excitement towards learning a language and cultural experience within the context of the Catholic faith. Students start with responding to simple commands and reciting simple prayers and songs.