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January Scholastic Book Fair Information


School Library located in Middle School Basement


Students Book Fair Time:

Students are welcome to shop during their regularly scheduled library time.


Open to St. Isidore Families and Friends:

Sunday 1/27 10:30-12:30                  

Monday 1/28 3:30-5:30

Tuesday 1/29 3:30-6:00                   

Wednesday 1/30 3:30-5:30

Thursday 1/31 3:30-6:00

Friday 2/1 3:30-6:00

Saturday 2/2 4:30-6:30


Book Fair Homepage:

Use this to shop online (now through 2/3/19), view schedule, view books and set up an e-Wallet



Any student who sets up an e-Wallet by 1/30/19 will be entered into a raffle to win a FREE book during the Book Fair.


Sales Tax:

Per Scholastic Policy and Federal Law, a 6% sales tax will be added to Book Fair purchases.

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September 4, 2018

Dear Saint Isidore School Families,

Welcome to St. Isidore School’s 98th year of providing quality Catholic education in Quakertown. Below is information regarding our school library.


→ Kindergarten through 8th grade will begin checking books out during the 2nd week of school. Pre-kindergarten will begin checking books out in January.

→  Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten will receive a plastic zipper bag to keep their books in after they are checked out. The books should be returned in this bag the following week on their library day. 1st through 8th grades will take books to and from school in their school bags.

→ Book care and use will be reviewed in library class, please help keep our school library in “good shape” when using your child’s checked out book at home.

→ Books are due back the following week at your child’s scheduled library time.

→  If a child wishes to renew their library book, they must bring it in on the library day and let me know that they wish to renew. However, if there is a waiting list for the book, it will not be able to be renewed.

Lost/Damaged Books

→ There is a late fee of ten cents (.10) per week if a book is not returned. No library fine will be collected for days a child is absent or if school is closed.

→ If a book becomes damaged while signed out of the library, the student is responsible for the cost of the replacement of the book.  Please contact me at or send a note into school with your child addressed to Mrs. Slabek so that arrangements can be made to pay for the lost or damaged item.

Scholastic Book Fair

→ Our school hosts two Scholastic Book Fairs during the school year, one during Catholic Schools Week and one in the spring during Teacher Appreciation Week. Information regarding these fairs will come home with students near the time of the book-fair.  

MONDAY- PreSchool B, 1st grade, 6th grade, 8th grade

TUESDAY- PreKindergarten B, Kindergarten A, 7th grade

WEDNESDAY- PreKindergarten A, 3rd grade, 5th grade

THURSDAY- PreSchool A, Kindergarten B, 2nd grade, 4th grade

I look forward to working with your child and sharing the joys of books, reading and learning!

Thank you,

Mrs. Emily Slabek