Fifth Grade

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There will be no spelling test this week. We just finished with vocabulary yesterday so the spelling test will be Friday the 19th.

Math worksheet




Math pages 155 and 156

Science test will be tomorrow. Science tools.

Reward party will be tomorrow also


Math worksheet

There is a science test tomorrow on science tools. The quizlet is called Science Fusion Unit 1 lesson 5. Please also review the workbook pages for lesson 5.

Vocabulary test Friday

Religion award due Friday



Vocabulary test Friday

Religion award due Friday

Science test Thursday. There’s a Quizlet called Science Fusion Unit 1 lesson 5


Spelling test Friday

Read Bud, Not Buddy Chapters 2 and 3



Math test tomorrow on lesson 2.5 to 2.9. A study sheet was given today.

Spelling test Friday on Unit 7


Dress Down day tomorrow for $1. Wear Christmas colors

Vocabulary test tomorrow on Unit 6

Math pages 143 to 145. Test Tuesday

Religion test on Monday there’s a quizlet called Chapter 3.

Music test should be signed by Monday



Social Studies test tomorrow. There’s a quizlet to help you study. It is called natural resources and the economy.

Vocabulary test on Friday

Gym tomorrow



Math worksheet

Vocabulary test Friday on Unit 6

Social Studies test Thursday. There’s a quizlet called Natural resources and the economy.


Study Spelling words- Unit 6

Gym is outside tomorrow. Dress for the cold

We are running the mass on Friday. Please join us at 9am