Scrip Tuition Reduction

Raise Right - Scrip

The Scrip program allows parents, alumni or friends of St. Isidore to purchase gift cards at face value through the Shop With Scrip website. A percentage of your purchase is rebated to your account. This amount (minus an annual processing fee used to cover postage) is used to offset tuition costs for the next school year. The MyScripWallet website provides access to e-cards from your smart phone or other mobile device. When used regularly, scrip can help you offset tuition expenses by hundreds or even thousands of dollars! The Scrip year usually runs from the last Monday in April of the current year to the last Sunday in April of the following year.

  • These cards may be physical and/or e-cards.
  • There may be a refillable option depending on the retailer.
  • There may be a Scrip Now option that delivers an e-card to your email in minutes.
  • A Presto Pay option exists that lets you direct debit your checking account for purchases for a small fee.

To sign-up, go to, click on create account tab, register using the St. Isidore enrollment code: 2F11EL7317128 and you can start ordering scrip.

Coordination for Scrip is handled by Karen Maginnis in the Parish Center, and she can be contacted at for more information.