Spanish Teacher Profile

Mr. Luis Prince
Mr. Luis Prince

Mr. Luis Prince

Spanish, Preschool - 8

BS in Industrial Engineering Andres Bello Catholic University Caracas
Misc in Operations Research Central University of Venezuela
Misc in Economics London School of Economics

Private Tutor since 2012 Math and Spanish
Subs Teacher in GMA since 2016 Spanish and Math
Spanish teacher in St. Isidore since 2018

What do you like about teaching?
The challenge associated to teach children with different attitude and motivation. Be able to get their interest and enthusiasm is a daily objective which requires different strategies and should be done without dismay. It is also very encouraged to see the results of our efforts when those kids learn and mature along the years

Tell us about your Hobbies & Interests
I like to play tennis and watch sports in general. Understand the impact of technology in our lives and the amount of changes introduced in our lives at an incredible pace. I enjoy spent time with my family which is very big